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Terms & Conditions


Renter stated above, acknowledge the vehicle which He/She will not be used for speeding, overseas usage or any unlawful activities. If found that the vehicle is brought outside CEBU (Bawal isakay ng barko), a penalty of 10,000 pesos shall be charged to the renter.


ONLY the renter above named/authorized may use the vehicle. In any circumstances another driver apart from the named/authorized driver found using the vehicle, the owner will have the right to repossess the vehicle while the renter will be held fully responsible for any, but not limited to, vehicular accident, damages, loss, fire or theft caused to this vehicle.


Should the hired vehicle be involved in any traffic offence  during the period of His/Her rent, the renter agreed to be liable for any issues with the vehicle that arise under His/Her care and agree to pay all fines and any amount the government or semi-government authorities shall levy or impose.


If e vehicle rented meet with an accident, the renter has to inform the owner immediately. No repair is to be done without the owner’s approval. If the Renter is found towing and/or repairing the rented vehicle at any workshop unauthorized by the owner, a penalty of 10,000 pesos will be imposed.


Any damage which included physical damage or any other general damages to the vehicle, payment of participation fee to the Insurance Company of the rented vehicle has to be made immediately unless any alternative arrangement is made with the owner. He/She also need  to pay the daily rental until the unit has been fully repaired.


Fuel of the rented vehicle must be shouldered by the renter (Renter mustreturn the fuel at the same level when He/She rented it otherwise 250/bar for sedan and 350/bar for 7 seater cars shall be collected). Vehicle is handed over clean and should be returned clean. If vehicle is returned dirty (without car wash) , a nominal charge of 250 pesos shall becollected if sedan, 300 if SUV/Van.


Should there be any breaches to any of the above clauses, the owner reserves the right to repossess the vehicle without any refund with a  compensation of 10,000 pesos


Excess per hour would be 250/hour forsedan350/hrfor 7 seater cars. More than 5 hours excess is considered as 1 day rent. Minimum Delivery and pick up charge is 250/way (LocationVaries)


Avoid SMOKING inside the car. If  there’s a cigarette smell upon return of the car, a penalty of 2,000 shall be imposed.


Payment received is non refundable if there are any changes to bookingdate/time.


Payment received is non refundable if there are any changes to bookingdate/time.



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